Recycled Aggregates from Concrete sludge with CO2-binding properties and reduced leaching

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About the project

The project RECONC is supported by the Norwegian Research Council through IPN. The project period is 2020-2024 and the objective is to develop recycled aggregates from concrete sludge (RACS) that comply to the same criteria as natural aggregates and at the same time have a lower CO2 footprint and satisfying leaching properties.

About the project
The partners

The partners

The project owner is Mapei Norway, and the research and development is lead by the Norwegian research institute SINTEF. Other partners include Norcem, Ølen Betong, Velde, Schwenk Norway, University of Agder, NORSUS and Agder Fylkeskommune.

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Mapei: Sven-Henrik Norman | SINTEF: Christian John Engelsen

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Børrestuveien 3, 0375 Oslo, Norway